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May 18, 2011



thanks so much, Laura and Amber.

Amber Moon

Sending so much love. So so so much. Your words and images are so very beautiful. xxoo.


A tremendous post. Thank you for sharing! I love the Psalm you quoted at the beginning- and I definitely think the wisdom you have gained shines through in this post, as well as a tender heart!


thank you all so much. your comments were very touching and so, so appreciated!


Such a moving post! Thank you for sharing your pain and your memories. I pray it helps to heal the hearts of those who have lost, and for those that one day will.

Alexandra Rembac | Sterling Engagements

Megan! Oh my word... This post really hit home... Nahchey had told me and I saw your updates but I didn't know the exact date. My dad died the same day but in 2002. I'm so so sorry, I can only imagine the pain and just overwhelming emotion your experiencing... This post was so beautiful.

The best advice I could ever give you is find strength in the small things that resemble your father. Eat his favorite dinner, listen to his favorite song, wear a sweater that was his and know it, feel it and get comfort in doing so. It helped me so much with so many things. I still almost ten years later will do something think of my father and know I did that for him, because of him or even because I know he's up there watching me do it and that warms my heart...

If you ever want to talk, I'm here. xo

Elizabeth Antonia

THANK YOU for sharing - the photos are so beautiful and so are your words. i'm so sorry for your loss. tears run down my face, we all need to remember these things.


thank you everyone for your kind words and support. means a lot.

deb schwedhelm

love you. wishing you peace and strength and love. thinking about you.

the photos you shared are amazing and take my breath away.

i'd love to share your post on my blog.

see you soon, my friend!! september?



Hi Megan,
Your post brought tears to my eyes. The photos are simply beautiful.

Angela mcswain

Megan, you guys have been in my prayers. Mac lost his dad when Lily was 5 weeks old and it was difficult. Losing someone does seem to help us reflect on our own lives and appreciate memories and time with loved ones. I love the pictures of your dad and will share them with Rog. :)

Jeanne michel

Beautiful in every word and way.

Marianne Hoylen

Dear Megan,
Read your post and wept.....

I just finished a book you might need to read, HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. Your dad is there for sure!

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